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Whether you’re a beginner or a pro – with the XC Tracer Mini V you fly intuitively like never before.

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Delay-free variometer

Conventional variometers have the disadvantage that climb and descent are always indicated with a more or less large time delay. With the Mini V, the data from different sensors are combined with a complicated mathematical procedure and this time delay is eliminated. Thanks to delay-free display of climb / sink, finding and centering thermals with a Mini V is much easier than with a conventional variometer.

And you can set the tones of the variometer as you like, please use the tone simulator here.

GPS Logger

The XC Tracer Mini V simultaneously records IGC and KML files, the IGC files are recognized by the FAI for paragliding competitions. And the KML files can be viewed directly on Google Earth.

Excellent autonomy

Don’t be surprised if you never have to recharge the vario during a whole season! The Vario has a built-in lithium-polymer battery, which is fully charged for about 30 hours of continuous operation, including operation of FLARM and FANET, data transmission via BLE and recording of IGC and KML files. But since the battery recharges during the flight by the built-in solar cells, the autonomy is almost unlimited. The battery can also be recharged via the included USB – C cable if needed.

Safety first

The Mini V has a built-in FLARM and FANET to protect you from collisions. Want to know where your buddies are on the road? If you carry a smartphone with a suitable app, that’s no problem. The app receives the FANET position signals of your buddies via the Bluetooth channel of your Mini V and displays them on your phone. With some apps you can even send text messages to your buddies via Bluetooth and FANET. Logically, your own Mini V also continuously transmits your position via FANET and FLARM. Together with the XC Tracer Maxx II, the Mini V is one of the few Varios in the world that is certified according to the strict FCC criteria.

In the worst case scenario, if a buddy doesn’t show up in the evening, you can check your smartphone app to see where your buddy’s vario last sent a FANET signal from. If the app supports it, you’ll find latitude, longitude, altitude, and status. This info can be very helpful in locating a missing paraglider.


The XC Tracer Mini V is equipped with a BLE 4.2 module (Bluetooth Low Energy). So you can connect your app (see list) on your Android / iOS / e-reader to the vario via BLE.


One button and that’s it. The button is used to turn the device on and off and to change the volume of the from 0 (no sound) to 4 (loud).

The configuration of the vario is done via an intuitive text file. If you have a problem with the vario or don’t know how to set something please read here.


As a flight log we recommend the LogFly software. Intuitive and compatible with XC Tracer, LogFly does everything automatically and provides a lot of interesting information and statistics.

Technical data
  • Size: 69.5 x 49.5 x 16.5 mm

  • Weight 43g

  • Solar cell with 22.5% efficiency

  • 30h battery life without sunshine

  • Easy operation

  • Delay free indication of climb/descent

  • FLARM / FANET, miniaturized antenna

  • FANET display of position and altitude of buddies

  • Open source obstacle database

  • Data transfer via BLE to mobile phone/tablet/e-reader

  • IGC and KML logger, approved by FAI for competitions

  • Many compatible apps for Android/iOS

  • Freely configurable sound settings/sound simulator on xctracer.com

  • Accelerometer/Compass/Gyro/Baro/GPS/BLE/FLARM/FANET

  • GPS module with simultaneous reception of GPS, Glonass and Galileo

  • Drag & drop firmware update, USB-C connector

  • CE & FCC certification (in process)

  • Swiss made

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